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Cities : Identities, Appropriation of Space and Resistance Practices

Alternatives Politics, special issue, May 2018.

29 mai 2018 / Articles scientifiques

"The idea of this special issue came from a discussion about the need to bring a collective analysis in the global making of cities which is rare in urban studies in Turkey. There are assuredly many precious high-quality research on the ongoing urbanization processes and policies in different metropolitan cities of the country and this research takes largely into account the specificities of Turkish urban policies, Turkish cities, the construction of “gecekondu” neighbourhoods and the everyday life inside them. However, few research place this examples in a more global debate : What is the genesis of the current development of cities and what are the political and economic rules behind their development and their spatial organization ? Which place and role is attributed to the city dwellers in this process ? Do the latter seek also to create their own spatial practices and how do they invest the city. "

"The objective of this issue is to make a modest contribution to this global debate by proposing case studies from different countries. The issue does not have the objective to focus only on urban development and urban transformation but to show rather how different everyday practices both from public actors and city dwellers contribute to the spatial appropriation of city. By making this, it would like to analyze also if the inevitable interaction between different actors create some tensions, resistances and protest."


Gülçin ERDİ - From the editor : Cities : identities, appropriation of space and resistance practices

Savaş Zafer ŞAHİN : The transformation of urbanization policy in Turkey under the influence of neoliberal rescaling (Turkish)

Nihal DURMAZ : The real function of the "disaster law" in the urban development of Istanbul.

Amanda DIAS : The emergence of Rio de Janeiro’s muslim community in the city’s public space.

Assaf DAHDAH & Annika DIPPEL : German and French “spatial management” of refugees illustrated by Syrian’s urban experiences in Berlin and Marseille

Gülçin ERDİ : Women and resistance in urban space

Bénédicte FLORIN : When the waste-pickers get out the margin : little battles and mobilization of Istanbul waste-pickers (Turkey)

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