Ed. Evette (T.)

Interprofessionalism and collective action

in the trades of the architecture and urban planning

Download, Ed. de la Villette, Cahiers Ramau, n° 2,
Paris, 2001, 266 p., 11€

1er janvier 2001

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Architectural and urban projects are developed in contexts increasingly complex and involve an increasing number of actors, politicians, investors, professionals and residents. The action experts in architecture, engineering and planning is affected. Their expertise plural intersect, compete and complement in the project design.
What coordinations, which trusted devices, which requires new skills that interbranch cooperation ? This is the question explored by contributions from researchers and professionals in this volume.

 Summary and Introduction
"Interprofessionalism ? A viewpoint" Thérèse Evette

 Cooperation / Coordination
"From Babel to fragmentation" Jean-Pierre Martinon
"Durability : a multidimensional question that crosses every operation " Martin Symes
"A coordination experience in the context of large projects" Michel Macary
"Design and interprofessionality within side and outside the project " Sihem Jouini
"Co-ordination and co-operation on large urban and architectural projects in France and in Spain " Patrice Godier
"A consulting mission in Lausanne : a current interprofessional experience " Pascal Amphoux

 Trust and "guarantors of Trust"
"Some remarks about the notion of confidenc" Christian Thuderoz
"Uncertainty and arrangements to promote confidence in corporate architecture "
Thérèse Evette, Denis Plais
"Confidence as a consequence. Conditions of architectural and urban co-ordination " Olivier Chadoin
"Between the client and the contract : the censors" Nathalie Mercier

 Evolution of competences and professions
"Construction : the image, an identity vector" Guy Tapie
"Project management, quality and the proficiency of architects " Silvio Melhado, Eric Henry
"The architect : between service and work" Christophe Camus
"Some lessons learned from the situation of architects in Moscow" Nikita Tokarev
"A profession which organises itself : the Office Professionnel de Qualification des Urbanistes (the Urban Planners Qualification Professional Office) " Anne-Michèle Donnet

 Closing of the conference
Marielle Riche, Olivier Piron

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