24/03/2014 - appel à contribution - European symposium on research in architecture and urban design

lundi 24 mars 2014



"Stemming from the urge to critically discuss the ‘today and tomorrow’ of cities worldwide, the conference is structured around the theme : “composite cities”. For the past few decades, dwellers of many inner city geographies have been trying to comprehend and adjust to the particular new notion of ‘the city’ that is an inevitable outcome of high velocity globalization. Cities are transforming in a multitude of levels from local to global and consequently new models of urbanism are invented/imported/reinterpreted, new actors of decision-making/intervention/mediation/initiation are introduced, and new modes of spatiality are experienced each day.
The theme “composite cities” refers to this complexity of our cities ; ever increasing through new urban emergences adding up to the existing urban environment and continuously redefining our urban experience. Thus the conference aims to enable a medium to discuss the complex relationship between urban form and urban experience through the composite character of our cities explained hereby in four topics-possible states of composite being : hybrid city, morphed city, fragmented city and mutated city. The conference is expected to evolve around the question of “how ?”s of architectural practice for the composite city. Hence, the essentials of architectural realities- scale, order, space, place, program, content, identity …- will define the backbone of the discussions."

Thème sélectionné :

Morphed City
The transformation of city space in adapting to the latest, city-based configuration of the world economy has been occurring since 1970s. Today, within the discourse of urban entrepreneurship, cities are subject to a diverse range and multiple scales of interventions where the quintessential paradox of making and breaking city space is at the core of the discussion. Either in the form of old city center resurrection or peripheral giant investments, there is an ever-ending process of physical as well as social remaking of the city space.
Questioning the motives and mechanisms behind the urban transformation processes, “morphed city” discusses the physical and social transformation of city space as a manifestation of global economic and political conjuncture, resulting in a worldwide urban homogeneity. How can variety be promoted ? Is there a way to overcome the enforcement of urban transformation on social reconfiguration of our cities, reinforcing social discrimination ? Are there any examples of (or is it possible to have) a common ground where the interests of citizens, institutions and professionals meet ? Can you hear the citizen claiming his right to the city ?

First Call : December 2013
Second Call : January 2014
Abstract Submission : March 24, 2014
Full Paper Submission : June 30, 2014
Conference : November 12-15, 2014

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