Appel à contributions - Global challenges in Public Private Partnerships : cross-sectoral and cross-disciplinary solutions ?

jeudi 28 février 2013

Global challenges in Public Private Partnerships : cross-sectoral and cross-disciplinary solutions ?
Appel à contributions pour une conférence internationale accueillie par les départements des Transports et d’Economie régionale, le Département de recherches en Management et Administration Publique, la Faculté de Droit d’Antwelp et l’Antwerp Managment School.

"Globally, governments look to public private partnerships for investments, public service delivery and innovation in these times of diminishing government budgets. Partnerships between governments and private actors are even believed to be much needed instruments to face the grand societal challenges, like climate change, clean energy, smart and green transport, and secure societies. However, many existing PPP’s face hardship because of economic downturn. Moreover, because of increasingly risk-averse actors, securing commitment and financing, and maximizing collaboration, innovation and value for money through PPPs become enormous challenges. There is a pressing need for cross-disciplinary, cross-sectoral, cross-country analyses and solutions. (...) The conference is open to submissions of contributions by interested academics, researchers and PhD students, as well as reflexive practitioners and policy makers active in the PPP field . Abstracts of papers should be of a scientific quality and are due by 28 February 2013. Abstracts should deal with a topic that can be considered to be at current a key development in the PPP field, either at management, financial, operational or policy level. Specific topics can be dealing with all fields where PPP’s are or can be applied : transport infrastructure, energy, health care, education, sports facilities, urban renewal, environmental development etc.
Practitioners and policy makers are most welcome to discuss in the paper panels, to give presentations in specific designated slots and through the Research & Practice Debates. Keynotes are delivered by top academics, but also international policy makers in the field of PPP."

Date limite d’envoi des contributions : 28 février 2013

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